About Us

About Us

AgDSA is a specialist agricultural planning, engineering and environmental compliance consultancy, specifically servicing rural industries including livestock industries (feedlots, piggeries, poultry, meat processing) and irrigators. 

Due to the diverse nature of modern agriculture, we are required to have a broad understanding of any related government and regulatory framework, be flexible in our approach, and fluid in our expertise. Our driving goal is to help shape the desired outcome for the client in a practical and cost-effective way. 

We are based in Toowoomba, Queensland but service both corporate and small business clients across Australia.

Our Story

Founded by Matt Norton and Tim Sullivan in 2020,  our approach is based on common sense and simplifying the design and approval process to ensure a successful outcome in a timely and cost effective way. Strong and trusting relationships, with clients, consultants and government, is the key to our success.

Our People


Tim Sullivan is an Agricultural Engineer with considerable experience in civil engineering and intensive livestock industries. He has worked in agriculture and meat processing industries since 2012 across both research and consulting roles, and co-founded AgDSA in 2020. 

As a registered engineer, Tim’s specialities are Agricultural Waste and Effluent Management, Intensive Livestock Facility Design, Farm Water Supply, Feasibility Studies, Stakeholder Engagement, Environmental Impact Assessments, and Data Analysis. 

Tim brings a strong Research & Development background to the table. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental)(Class I Hons)/Bachelor of Science focused on Natural Resource Management. 

Matt Norton specialises in development, planning and environmental monitoring for environmentally relevant activities (QLD) and scheduled activities (NSW), particularly intensive livestock. He has been working in government, regulatory and consulting roles since 2013, and co-founded AgDSA to leverage his in-depth understanding of the legislation impacting rural industries to help ag clients achieve their goals.  

Matt has been heavily Involved in developing updated guidelines for rural industries in Australia, maintaining a strong drive towards pushing for legislative and policy reforms that will deliver a more equitable assessment of rural development application.


Tim George is an Agricultural/Environmental Engineer with 6 years’ experience in rural water resources infrastructure planning and design, and water resources modelling. He is experienced in hydrological, water-balance and pressurised network modelling, alongside farm water transfer infrastructure and storage design.

Over the past 6 years, Tim has worked on projects across Queensland and New South Wales and has developed strong relationships within the irrigation and intensive livestock industry.

He has a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory, planning and design processes from site selection and feasibility through to detailed design and handover. The result: a straightforward and common-sense approach to achieving the client’s desired outcome.